This course is at an intermediate level suitable for initial and refresher training.

It can not be used as License requirement recognition. There are plenty of suppliers of that service operating in the Auckland region – see your local motorcycle shop for details.

The course is broken down into several parts encompassing both theory and practical exercises in riding.  You will need to be riding your own motorcycle and wearing protective-riding gear, ie: helmet, jacket, full-length trousers, gloves and stout footwear.

To help you and your motorcycle to last comfortably through the day, the course is divided into alternate riding and non-riding segments.

The riding segments will start with an inspection of your bike to ensure it is up to standard. There will be exercises in motorcycle control, counter steering, including its use for cornering, as well as exercises in braking.

The non-riding segments will include theory of motorcycle control, techniques of motorcycle riding, position on the road and protective gear.

If you have any further queries about the course, please do not hesitate to contact me, 09 625 5533 after hours, or 027 484 6326 any time or email finn.lorraine@clear.net.nz or bronzrrrs@hotmail.com

Motorcycling is a fun and enjoyable experience.  We hope that by your participation in this course we will extend your ability to get the most out of your riding.

Finn Nielsen Training Coordinator BRONZ Ride RIGHT Ride SAFE

What Participants have said about RRRS:

‘As a guy getting back into riding over the last year and having a new bike I found the course on sunday great value. I found some things about the way I ride and how to improve and what my bike is capable of in some areas. These guys know their stuff. It is well worth the money even in the rain. Thanks Finn and the others.’ – Crusa

‘I’d been riding for around 20+ years when a girl in the club I was with organised a day with these blokes. I went along to help make up the numbers thinking that there wasn’t a hell of a lot that I would pick up from this course. Well I was wrong. Excellent day no matter what your experience level. Highly recommended’. – Grumpy

Did the Ride Right Ride Safe course today. Immensely good value, and given the excellent weather today, a great day out. For those who don’t already know, it’s run by enthusiasts for the benefit of fellow bikers, new and old. At Whenuapai Airbase, there is plenty of space to practice emergency braking, countersteering, object avoidence etc etc at reasonable speeds, and on a safe predictable surface. The material covered certainly was good for me as a newbie, but I think many of the more experienced riders were happy with the course content too. Started 8.30am and finished around 4.30, the day passed very, very quickly. These courses often succeed or fail on the abilities of the presenters and these guys were not only knowledgeable and good communicators, butenthusiastic and well organised as well. Thanks to the presenters – Leong

Can’t come to us? Maybe we can come to you.

We have run the RRRS course in many provincial centres in the North Island and even as far away as Dunedin. If you can get a group of people interested and are prepared to assist on a local basis with organization, venue and accommodation (billet) we may be able to come to you.

For further information please contact us

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